What is it?

Is the access to urgency attention in the United States with no deductible payment and just $50 USD as copayment.

How to get Urgent Care?

  1. Present your Olympus or Geoblue
    card to not be treated as a foreigner.
  2. Urgent Care would check your eligibility
    and fee with Bupa.
  3. Once is checked, you would be attended.

In which cases you should go to...

Infografía Urgent Care y Emergency Room

In which cases you should go to...

Urgent Care

X Ray
Mild Asthma
Nausea vomiting or diarrhea
High fever
Cough andsore throat

Emergency Room

Loss of consciousness
Heart attacks
Stroke signs
cough or vomit with blood
Broken boness
Stab wounds
High fever
Severe abdominal pain
Suicidal thoughts

Advantages os using "Urgent Care"

Injury, sickness or illness attention covered by policy.

Just $50 USD as copayment.

No appointment needed and attention on the same day.

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