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International medical insurance for the globally minded.

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Icono GloboWe are a leader in international health insurance, that gives you access to health services providers around the world. Access to over 1.2 million medical services providers in more than 190 countries.
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Welcome to Bupa Global. We provide international health insurance for the globally minded. Our comprehensive range of health plans include a renowned level of service available in many languages, and access to thousands of medical facilities and experts worldwide. Offering a range of wellness benefits that go beyond insuring you in case of emergency, our plans are designed to help keep you in the best of health.

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International Medical Insurance

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Welcome to the next chapter in global health insurance. Our range of health plans is designed for globally minded customers who want premium, long-term, renewable international health cover.

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Global access to great care

With us by your side, you’ll have access to great healthcare, whether you need it at home, within your region or globally. We have experience working with thousands of specialists and facilities around the world, making sure you get access to the care you need, where you need it.

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Variety of benefits

Each one of our global health plans is designed with the highest benefits range that Bupa provides. Our plans include from emergency medical evacuation when you need us must, to wellness services to keep you healthy, whether at home or away.

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You’re in safe hands

With over 65 years of medical expertise and our own in-house medical experts, your wellbeing is our priority with everything we do.

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