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Bupa is commited to providing all of our users with equal access to our information.

We want all our users to be able to view and navigate our websites effectively and easily.

This website is designed to meet most of the level A criteria of the Web Accessibility Initiative WCAG 1.0 and 2.0 requirements. See the WAI website for more information.


Bupa website pages are designed so that you can change the style, size and colour of the font used, as well as the background colour. If you wish to do so, please see the guides below. Customising settings in:


Our websites contain many links to useful information which are coloured to make them easily noticeable. Links to non-Bupa websites and downloadable files such as PDF and MS Word .doc will open in new browser windows or tabs. When your mouse cursor hovers over these links, a short descriptive text box will normally appear, notifying you that a new window will be opened.

For non-mouse users and those that use screen readers, Bupa website pages can be accessed using your standard keyboard shortcuts and links are made as descriptive as possible.


Our content may contain links to PDF files. You will need a PDF reader installed on your computer to open these. Most can be downloaded for free, (eg Adobe Acrobat Reader) (Windows or Mac), or Foxit Reader (Windows).
As we continue to develop our website and content, we will work towards continued adherence to global accessibility guidelines. We welcome any feedback. If you have comments or questions, please Contact us.