Advantages of an Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion
Advantages of an

Expert Opinion


This service is provided through Advance Medical, an independent company of Bupa Global, which shows that Bupa Global has no interest in choosing a doctor or follow a specific treatment. Bupa Global’s interest is to help you make the best decision for your health.


Each case is handled by a medical manager at Bupa Global and a medical manager at Advance Medical.


The committee assigns up to three especialist per case, which means that you will receive a second, third and even a fourth medical opinion.


The specialists assigned are internationally renowned physicians, eminences in their area of work, scientific researchers who write articles in prestigious publications of the sector and are at the forefront of the treatment of their specific condition.


All Bupa Global policyholders can receive this service even if they do not have the covered condition in their Bupa Global health insurance (please see your policy coverage and conditions).


The Expert Opinion service has no cost to you and, in addition, Bupa Global covers all necessary document translation costs.

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